Sunday, March 30, 2014

Decadence ....Mark Davis..Master Poet


Painting pictures in a readers mind is the goal of an author. Most look to run a whole movie in your head. That's the goal. Poets have a different mission, they want more. They want to evoke emotions and latch onto your soul. Some even want more than that. Erotic poetry is an art unto itself. As of late on twitter I have come across so many talented erotic poets, yet few rival Mark Davis. Yes he's naughty and can evoke far more from the reader with his prose, he can arouse the reader. But Mr. Davis can do more, he can write beautiful prose and he can latch onto your soul. Am I a fan? From the moment I read a few of
his poems.  LEATHER.....
The scent of leather hit him
Before she came in sight
He turned a gave a whistle
Her leather dress so tight
Her cleavage drew his eyes
Then as he they dropped down low
He felt is cock begin to stir
At the hint of garter below
The snakeskin boots were tapping
As the heels crossed the floor
Her red lips she was licking
A hint of what's in store
"Cat got your tongue my darling?"
As her nails brushed his crutch
Then she grabbed him through the cloth
Grew hard beneath her touch
"I'm feeling very needy"
She pushed him in his back
No panties with garters
He was smothered by her crack
Opened up his pants
And as his tongue worked its way
She released his cock
Let her hands begin to play
The scent of leather and her sex
Quickly filled his nose
She wriggled on his face
"Mmm I love how my baby grows"
As the boots were rubbing
Against her lovers skin
She leaned down with her mouth
Sucked his hard cock in
Loved to hear him gasping
As she rubbed across his face
Her tongue and lips devoured him
Bobbed at a frantic pace
She loved how hard she got him
And how he made her wet
She turned and dropped down on him
"Oh fuck me now my pet"
And as his hips were thrusting
She endured all the joy
Of dressing up to tease him
To excite her special boy
With one last plunge she came
Head back mouth open wide
Her juices flowed across him
As his come hit her inside
She worked muscles milking
Rode him till the end
Always the perfect ending
With her leather loving friend

copyrighted 2014 Mark Davis


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