Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aurora's Ghost: a tale of Christmas future

Well this is truly the first erotic Christmas I have ever written. It's one that pays homage to my first granddaughter Aurora. How strange that I should do such a thing? Well I am not ashamed that I write erotic romance, in fact I revel in it. I'm an author who thrives on romance and anything to do with it. I enjoy reading a love scene that takes you breath away...for real. Wicked? Yes it is wicked and naughty. But I expect that anyone reading my stories is over the age of consent. Some buy and erotic E book because they are curious and who can tell what they are reading on the ebooker. And erotic romance writers have mastered the short story like no other author. In today's world, the short story is queen...the longer novel is still reserved for the paperback or hard cover. Yet every indie author had visions of grandeur, every one want to be on the New York Times best seller list. We might see one or two in time, on that list. You never know.  Look at movies and television, they have certainly changed, nudity and adult language splatter the scene everywhere. Sometimes what I've written in no different. I'm laughing I have one...she has a truck drivers mouth, but the man who loves her actually get s a charge out of her. She's tough, resilient and a passionate woman, and she shows you her passion. That's my kind of woman.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kenra's Interview with Love erotic excerpt...9/9/2012

Michael sat across from her in a large club chair smiling. Her crew had found a camera and a small recorder that sat on the cocktail table between them. When he was sure everyone was gone, he stood up, walked over to the door of hotel suite and locked it. He turned around, smiled at Kendra, and went over to the couch. He sat down next to her putting his arm around the back of the couch where she was sitting and edged closer.
            “Thank you, Kendra. Now take off your panties,” he said.

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