The woods...

Sheri ran as fast as she could. It was imperative that IT never catch up withher, if it did, she'd lose what powers she had left. IT...wanted everything she possessed. She held back the tears, she held back her fear and she kept running for her life.

Sheri was a wood fairy, a rare creature. She brought with her the goodness of life in the forest. She kept the proper balance. Her kind were close to exstinction, even the wildlife she protected had given up hope. Her kind had always had to contend with mankind. But now IT threatened her too, one of her children, one she had protetected with her life. And now IT sought her to put an end to her.

She had to find shelter and as was running through the thick foliage when she ran into a tree a huge relic and knocked the wind out of herself. She heard his voice. She prayed it wouldn't be her undoing.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

She looked up. Her eyes large hazel ones and she tried hard not to look too closely at him because her instinct told her not to. But she went against her feeling and scanned over his face. Oh, she thought, what a beautiful face.

Hans Peters was beautiful, he was male perfection and he was sick of it all. He wanted peace, so he took what little money had, left for the mountains and built himself a little cabin. There he felt safe. Until now. What was this beautiful young woman doing running through the woods half naked? And why did she have to possess the largest and saddest blue eyes he's ever seen?

copyrighted suzzana c ryan 2013

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