Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Captive Heart......


Juliet Hamilton had the world by the balls. Married to millionaire, Andrew Hamilton was the most successful Hollywood producer of the twenty-first century. But Juliet's world tumbles when her husband leaves the United States for Central America to buy himself a kidney. Unknown to Juliet, her millionaire husband has gotten himself involved with thedrug trafficking cartels in South America and with their help, he's procured an illegal body part. 

When Andrew's transplant goes array with the donor dying alongside her husband, the Nicaraguan government confiscates her passport, threatening Juliet with imprisonment. Detained and held captive in her hotel, Juliet believes she’ll never leave Nicaragua alive. 
Handsome, Afro-American Colonel Terrance James Whitingham and his Special Forces team are called upon to rescue the attractive Juliet Hamilton and he knows he’ll have to take her by force from the crooked Managua Police. 

Considering Juliet nothing more than a over-indulged, spoiled, white prima donna, Terrance soon finds he can’t fight his growing attraction to her. And for the first time in his life, he takes a woman, ravishes her, and then loses his heart to what he has always considered forbidden territory. 

Love is a powerful emotion that transcends all barriers which Juliet and Terrance will find out, learning to trust, love and desire as none before them ever has. 

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Saturday, May 10, 2014


My thoughts today are of boundaries and often we step over them. Have you ever wondered how far anyone should take love? My thoughts...no boundaries. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to belong to someone so deeply, you are consumed by them? Your every thought, motion, and desire is there just for them? And that one person can meet those needs and live to meet them and make you happy? Could a woman be happy with man at her feet, adoring her, worshiping her above all else in his life. I laugh because this isn't real life, it's a fantasy. But what a fantasy. Boundaries we should never limit our imaginations. Or if you have an hour to spend with that one person who in real life you can open your mind to, release those inner boundaries with and let yourself go with him, with her....you must try it. Or give yourself to them like never before, open up explore the pleasures that await you in your mind....I laugh...because that's why we search the shelves...looking for that one book, one story that will transport us where we fear to tread.

Boundaries...let the writer take you there...break through the barriers...if you lack the ambition to do this in real life...kisses my friends  Take a wicked peak...