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Mark Davis Master Erotic Poet........Another sexy interview

 Author In The House: Erotic Poet Mark Davis….Author erotica

Suzzana:  Well Mr. Davis I have finally gotten you back here for another interview. I see you have been very busy. I need to tell you Cherry’s been very anxious to interview you again, but I don’t trust her so I’ll be here with her. Go ahead Cherry.

Cherry:    Mark how have you been? We missed you. Giggles

Mark:  Have missed you too ladies

Cherry:     Can you tell us what is new on your agenda?

Mark: Have been working on some special poems Cherry for my book coming out in June. Some may even make you blush.

Cherry:    You always make me blush Mark. Can you tell me how you come up with such naughty, delicious poems? And what led you to the genre of BDSM?

Mark: The poems come into my mind from pictures or suggested topics, or just things I would like
to try. BDSM is so interesting as there are so many different mixes.

Cherry:  Now I love the title of your book of poems. Erotic Midnight Musings Mark:     Thank you Cherry

Cherry:    Can you tell me what you think of these boots?
Oh, Oh, Mark what are you doing. Giggles. Now with my boots wrapped around your neck whatever will you do next!

Suzzana:  Oh my! The two of you stop that. I told you not to provoke him.

Cherry:     Suzzana you’re no fun.

Mark:       Now, we must behave Cherry.

Suzzana:   Sorry Mark but sometimes she needs a good spanking. That does bring to mind your poems about spanking. 

Mark:  Smiles Suzzana. Spanking is special. Cherry does need a good one I think

Cherry:    Giggles. Now about that blue tie? Damn sexy and the hat. 
Mark: Thank you Cherry. Wore it today just for you.

Cherry:    I see that you write erotic short stories. Can we look forward to some new ones from you? There is nothing better than when a man writes erotica.

Mark:     I have my Short story Lessons for Mark also coming out in June from Bitten Press. Toying with the idea of a nice little collection of my own.

Suzzana:    You gained quite a following since the last time we all spoke. How do you see the future of erotic poetry evolving?

Mark:    I can’t speak for others but I just hope mine gains wide acceptance

Cherry:   I once had a boyfriend who read me erotic poetry in the back seat of his car.

Suzzana:    I don’t think Mark needs to know that. I have read every one of your poems and I am so impressed with each vision they evoke. Naughty or nice, they make a lasting impression. You are my favorite erotic poet. Does it take you long to write a poem like those that tell a story.

Mark:    Once started Suzzana the story just flows. Even I don’t know where it’s going and Cherry it would have to be very short poem if I was in the backseat with you and those boots.

Cherry:    Mark his poetry wasn’t as good as yours….giggles…but he did like to tie me up.

Suzzana:  Oh, again sorry I do try to keep her under control, but I just finished reading another one of your poems and well altered egos…have a way….one more question, any plans for the future, I do believe erotic literature in all forms….including the eBook is here to stay.

Mark:     No plans other than to make myself a household name, especially in the bedroom. And to rule the world, well at least be co ruler.

Suzzana:  I love your goals Mark. I have no doubt your poetry is finding its way into the bedroom. Thank you for being here with me, um with us. We adore your writing.

Cherry: Among other things. Giggles………………

Mark:    Thank you ladies. Cherry, would you like to come up to my room for a personalised signed copy?

Cherry:     Purrrr….Mark.

Suzzana:   If you think I’m letting her come alone…….

Mark:    He he, love both you ladies.


Mark Davis. Thank you so much for the interview and for always being such a good sport. You can read Mark’s amazing poetry on his blog. And he has some wonderful poems and short stories at Bitten Press and Bitten After Dark. Just follow the links below. We can't wait for his first poetry collection. In will be in my bedroom. 

You can see Mark Davis on face book:

His Blog:ht

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