Free Read...Beauty and her Beast

Beauty and her Beast......

         She walked among royalty and slept with warriors, because she was one of them. Mya infuriated her father, giving herself as freely as she did. Her newest bed mate was a Zygon warrior, a sizable creature, who adored the ground she walked on. She tamed the warrior and reveled in his beauty, and how he was able to fold his wings away almost to the point where you’d ask him if he was indeed a Zygon.
“My pet, do you think today we can travel to Pgysmalia? I would love to shop for a new weapon.” Mya said sleepily.
“My lovely, that’s a very dangerous place for one so beautiful.”
Mya looked to the Zygon, “You mean to defy me? I can take care of myself. I am going to Pgysmalia with or without you. It’s for you to decided,” she said carelessly throwing the Gregorian silk sheets aside.
When she stood, her lithe body mesmerized the Zygon; she was a product of human genetic engineering. Mya was five foot seven inches tall, a perfect thirty-six, twenty-six, thirty-six inch body and hair the color of golden raisins. Mya was incomparable.

She’d been bred a warrior, bred to fight alien wars, the ones that descended on the planet earth over two hundred years before. Things had calmed considerably since humans had formed alliances with so many alien life forms. Now earth had a race of super humans. These genetic wonders protected the out rims of the planet, along with the moon that was vital to the planets well being.
Mya was on a furlough, and she’d taken it on a pleasure cruiser with her chosen lover, Tach, a Zygon. And now he did what he did best he challenged her.
“Tach, why do you insist on pushing my buttons? You know I am here for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to fuck.”
“Mya, what happened to your other little plaything, that Ceralian, Ponty?”
“Sweetheart he can’t keep up with me. You I find are the only creature that I can play with,” she said walking into the large shower that was free standing in the room.
He rose, and almost seven foot of pure Zygon muscle came with him. His hair was long, thick, straight the color of midnight  and it came to his mid back. His eyes were as black as coal and offsetting his perfectly sculptured face. He was handsome and a most human like alien, therefore other species, nonhuman looking paid him no heed. It didn’t matter to Tach, he only wanted Mya.
He entered the shower and stood behind her. He grabbed the soap from her hands and rubbed the bar between his hands  lathering them. He then ran them down her back to her heart shaped ass, letting them venture around to her hairless pussy.  His cock hardened, and his balls tightened, as he continued his journey around her body.  He let his hands slide into her cunt searching for her clit, knowing he could start fires in her like no one else could.  She moved her body back, further into his, a soft moan escaped her lips.
“Talk about pushing buttons Zygon, the button you have you fingers on now it very aroused. Push it in baby,” she coaxed him.
Tach felt the heat, he felt the desire and the need, but things wouldn’t begin to blaze until she called him, his other name. The name that triggered his deep passions, the name that most feared about a Zygon, the name that made him the beast.
And he she’d summon him, she could handle the beast in him and so he let his fingers delve deeper into her.
“Beauty, call my name,” he said.
“Not yet my Zygon, not yet.”
“Beauty, the beast wants to come out and play,”
“You naughty beast, first let me love my Tach,” she purred.
She turned in his arms, and took in his beauty while she could, because in a few moments he’d lose all resemblance to the Zygon before her and turn in Agman, his altered ego.  Every male Zygon had one, this altered ego, a deadly side that helped his species win wars and keep their planet safe. It would be Agman who fucked the human before him and she’d beg him for more.
And he would deliver more, fucking her for hours. All she had to do was say his name. He sank to his knees turning the shower off as he slid to the  tiled floor. He turned her toward  him and parted the lips of her cunt, exposing her already swollen clit. His mouth began to water, he wanted to suck her little knob and flick with his tongue until  she came, her female juices drowning him in ecstasy.  He followed through with his thoughts, and heard her scream in pleasure.
“Baby call my name, now Mya, call my name,”
She took his face in both her hands and whispered his name, “Agman.”
He sat back on his haunches and looked up at her beautiful face letting the name she whispered penetrate his brain. And with her mere whisper he felt the change…the renting of bone, the stretching of skin and muscle. Then, every pore opened as his hair grew, and overtook his body. With his transition came another six inches in height, claws, fangs and an inhuman amount of sexual stamina. His cock was huge and glistening oozing pre cum. He stood before her as she held her arms open for him. He converged on her his teeth and fangs bared. Her perfect full lips met his and surrendered.
Agman growled and picked her up and carried her to the bed.  He stood before, his cock engorged, and her scent enveloping him.
“Spread your legs,” he said hoarsely, his speech garbled and primitive.
She obeyed.
“I would taste you,” he said rubbing his erection.
He bent his knees and buried her face in her wet cunt. His tongue found her clit and he sucked at her. Her body arched to meet his mouth as he took his clawed hands and grabbed her ass pushing her even closed to his heated mouth. He could easily consume her, make her his morning meal, but even as the beast, and perhaps even more, he loved her, and adored her.
He felt her first throes of passion as her pussy gushed and he tasted her even more. Fucking her would be as always, the ultimate passion or him.
She had other ideas. “Agman, please, oh my beast, I am cumming, oh, oh, oh,” she said aloud her body giving way as he vagina contracted and he mind went blank.
When she opened her eyes, he was now readying himself to fuck her and impulse took hold. She grabbed his had large cock and knelt before him and thrust him greedily in her mouth. His roar of acceptance also told her it was a roar of protest, he was always anxious to fuck her. First she’d taste him, have him cum, his precum, the beast’s prelude to his orgasm. Here he tasted the sweetest and it was here she met her needs, to please the beast. Mya sucked at him squeezing his large balls allowing her saliva to drip down the length of his huge cock. She felt his clawed hands on her head, gentle and demanding. To all including Mya, he was a magnificent sight, with his morbid beauty and alien power. She knew she alone owned him, was his obsession and tonight she’d show him more, that she loved him.
He roared again, and Mya knew it was time to give him his desire, her ready pussy, for the beast reveled in fucking her. She eased her body back down, tweaked a nipple as she stared defiantly as the creature. She spread her thighs, displayed her moist cunt and smiled wickedly at him. That simple gesture she knew would set off another explosive roar, aiding her in her need for him.
He climbed between her legs, positioned his cock at the opening to her body and stopped. Tonight he’d get her to beg, to tell him of her need for him, maybe she’d tell him of her love for him. Agman, knew he was pushing he to the limit, but he needed to know.
“Tell me what you want beauty,”
“Fuck me beast,” she said .
“More beauty, tell me more,”
“Fuck me hard,” she said anxiously.
“Give it up, Mya, tell me, what you desire,”
“You beast, inside me, fucking, oh, damn beast loving me,” she now had lowered her voice and her eyes came to his, silver ones.
“You want love beauty?”
“Yes,” she cried.
“Then I shall love you….but one last need beauty, tell me, tell me…”
“I love you beast, my Zygon, my Tach, my Agman, I love you,”
He plunged into her deep, his mouth seeking hers. His ferocious features neither scared or even offended her, on the contrary, they aroused her. She’d given herself to him and now her love, what the future held for them was uncertain and dangerous.
But for now, the beast had won the beauty. And she conquered and tamed the beast.  And so goes the old adage; Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.


  1. Stopped by for the wet and wild hop and decided to explore. Wanted to let you know i enjoyed this short and loved that you used a Luis Royo picture to depict beauty & beast, he's one of my favorite artists.

  2. Wow Suzzana! I absolutely loved this.