Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wondering abt my next story.......

I came across this drawing and here's where I knew I'd love to venture. Down his road, where ever that may lead. I hve so many stories piled one on top of another in my head its hard toshuffle them around in my brain. But every so often one shoot out lands in my Word 10 and opens up, grows and decomes a new release.

Like this amazing picture, here Isee one trying to punch its way away from the rest. A muse will maage to grab hold of it and help it finds its home.

Watch for ne and exciting Erotic Romance stories and adventures. And coming soon so many new ventures and journies.


Suizzana C Ryan

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Share...Free Read..Paranormal

The Share
By Suzzana C Ryan

“He’s mine,” Clever yelled at her sister.
“No, I found him he’s mine,” Treat yelled back.
‘”Look we could stand here all day and argue over him, then neither one of us would have any fun. Besides I’m damn horny.” Clever then wiped her lip; she’d just downed her first glass of wine.
Treat walked over to the young man and lifted his chin up to view his face. “What’s your name boy,” she asked smiling sweetly.
“I was told not to talk,” he replied.
“Who told you that sweets?”
“She did, Clever,” he answered.
“Clever sometimes makes up her own rules. Of course you can talk, what’s you name.”
“Jackson, ma' me.”
“Jackson I gather you like pain?”
“That all depends,” he answered, now lowering his eyes.
“Good boy, Mistress likes when you show you’re humbled.
Clever walked over. “Let’s cuff him to the St. Andrews cross and then begin.”
“Did you hear her boy, is that what you want. Then I can hook my nipple clips to you.”
“Yes, my Mistress.”
“Good boy.”
They walked him over to the cross they had hanging on the wall of their little dungeon. Clever called it her play room, but Treat liked dungeon, better. From an outsiders view, it looked more like a dungeon, and was equipped rather nicely. An array of whips, chains, floggers, strap-ons, and a table full of nasty little tools. To some the array of goodies was frightening but to those who came to visit very arousing.
They cuffed him arms and legs to the cross, then blindfolded him. Both Clever and Treat wore black leather corsets and stiletto heeled thigh high boots and no under wear.
They each took one of his nipples in their mouth lathing it to a fevered hardness, bring moans from him then hooked the nipple clips to him making his moans even louder.
“Oh baby you like that. Mmm, “purred Treat.
“Yes, oh yes,” Jackson said.
Next Clever got one of the floggers and whipped it through the air and over his now hardening cock.  She whirled it through the air a number of times letting it land on his cock and balls and watched his erection getting stiffer with each hit.
Both Mistresses were exceptionally hot and horny and Jackson’s cock when hard was rather impressive. It was Clever who approached Jackson first.
“Mistress needs her pussy eaten. Going to un-cuff you boy and I want you on your knees and at my pussy. But first you’ll kiss each boot heel.”
He did as instructed and then they walked him to the bed. Clever sat on his face and tweaked at his nipple clamps and Treat took his hard cock and pushed into her already wet pussy.
Treat road him hard and Clever hardy gave him breathing time, but Jackson never complained. They came one after another and all three were exhausted.
Clever moved from his face falling onto the bed leaving Jackson laughing. “Damn, Mistress love that pussy,” he said now breathing in fresh air.
Treat moved off his cock and lay back on the bed, also trying to catch her breath. He just laid there smiling, "Can the sex could get any better?" And it would.
Before him stood Trinity and she had on a black strap on cock. “Hi baby, my turn,” she said with a wide grin on her beautiful face.
His cock hardened again as Clever pumped him back to life. He got on all fours and a very well lubed cock rammed up his ass. Giggles erupted in the little dungeon.  Treat got underneath him and took his cock in her mouth as Trinity fucked him, and then he came. The vibrator inside the cock gave Trinity an extra ordinary orgasm and once again the group was exhausted.
“My Mistresses,” Jackson said as he sat up and let his fangs descend. Now ladies it’s you've had your fun now it’s my turn.
All three women backed away.  Screams erupted. But no one could hear them. They were after all in a dungeon.
Jackson smiled as he wiped his fangs and pushed aside the last corpse. “Nope, it doesn’t get any better than this.” His wicked laughter fell on deaf ears.