I belong to Sir with Love

I belong to Sir with Love
I’d kept myself hidden for years, under excess weight and smiles. There comes a time when you just say fuck it and who you truly are emerges. At first I was elated, look at me sexy, woo hoo, but that still didn’t do it for me or my marriage. Things were limp and unsatisfying. I found myself craving more. I decided to join a group on line who were into bdsm. At the time, it was out of morbid curiosity.
I was barraged with willing partners of both sexes, because I was so unsure of how to list myself. So after doing a little research decided ah what the hell, I can Dom and be a sub. That terminology is referred to in the life as a switch. Now I love men always have, but I listed myself as bisexual, and again this was a journey I was sure I'd never be taking so what the hell.
Some nights the discussions were interesting with some of the groups I joined .I found people fetishes interesting and at times gross. But I always had an open mind so again what the hell. It wasn’t until he messaged me asking for my friendship that the journey began. I say this because we were both seeking something and weren’t quite sure what it was.
He listed himself as a switch, and a lot of men do. Underneath I think every man has a need to be domineered by a beautiful woman. There’s the key….sexy and beautiful, not some nasty looking domineering woman just looking for some kicks. I had to laugh, from exchanging pictures with a few men they were asking to meet me as soon as possible. So I knew what I was offering wasn’t too bad. Yet I was hesitant, I didn’t to wind up on a police bladder or at the morgue as a Jane Doe.
So when we started to talk I found him interesting and down to earth. Except my need for domination was coming to the surface and it was scaring the hell out of me. I was always the one in control, the one making all the decisions, how could I allow this to happen. But sexually I was grossly unfulfilled, I needed more, a strong arm, an aggressive lover and yet one that looked at me as an object of desire. I felt his need and transition as we spoke.  It was slow but he was dealing too, yet with me the need to domineer was surfacing. Could I trust this man? Could I allow myself to let go and submit to him his everything that I was. Would he look back and walk away, realizing this was not his place or would he embrace his new found self.
Meeting a man you did not know for sex is the most dangerous thing any woman could do, but I knew already, this was the right thing for me. I’d pick out my clothing carefully, black low cut top, slinky black pants and mid-size black heels. A long ankle length jacket staying true to the Gothic look I enjoyed. Unfortunately, it was a look that screamed Domme. But it was the black lace bra that barely held up my over abundant tits and black lace underwear that gave me away. I wanted to be consumed, ravished and   perhaps, even loved by the right man. I’d completely submit to that man.
When I sat at the bar at the hotel we’d picked I was there maybe five minutes before I felt a hand on my neck.
“Turn around, my love, and tell me if you’re okay with all this and me,” he said as I detected a slight British accent.
My stomach was queasy and my nerves taunt, but I needed this and prayed he was everything I’d seen. When I turned to him his blue eyes held mine, and I could see the passion that was alive in his as he scanned my face. He smiled.
“You always said you were better looking in person, I didn’t think that was possible, sexy Lady,” he said.
I smiled at him and took in his handsome features. He was tall, medium brown hair and he wore glasses over his clear blue eyes. Sighs from the onset of seeing him, he was my type of man; he set off my darker Italian features beautifully. We looked good together. He bent and kissed my lips surprising me.
He then whispered in my ear, “Better get to the room before we both lose our nerve and the bloody hard on I’m sporting”
I giggled, he was so damn cute and I wanted him like I’d never wanted any man before. “Then let’s go because I’m wet,” I whispered back.
He just smiled and took my hand and we got in the elevator. The door closed and he was on me in second, as he grabbed my hair and kissed me hard, gaining entrance with his tongue connecting with me and kissing me. It was a perfect kiss; our mouths mean to be on each other’s. When he broke away, the elevator door opened. He my hand and took out the key card. Before he opened the door he pinned me against it.
“I am going to beat your ass, fuck you harder than you have ever been fucked. You will suck my cock and then you take me up your ass. You will belong to me, every last piece of you. I will settle for nothing less. Run now or enter and do as I say.”
Tears came to my eyes, and then my hand to his face. I kissed his lips gently and he responded.
“Pretty lady you won’t regret it, I know it’s what we both want and need,” he said grabbing me to him.
“Then I will give myself to you,” I told him.
He slipped the key card in the door. He’d already been to the room his suitcase was there. And on the bed were his nasty sexy weapons of choice. A flogger, with black velvet handle, black thick ribbons, scented lubricant and a pair of black men’s pajama bottoms. I shivered at the sight and then felt wet, God he was right, and this was what I wanted.
“Take off your clothes for me slowly, and it better be slow, or I’ll smack your ass hard, my pretty.”
I stared him down, smiled and stripped one piece of clothing after another until I reached the black lace underwear. I heard his intake of breath, yeah, my tits always excited men, but today in this bra, slutty couldn’t even begin to describe how they looked.
“Get on your knees my baby and get my cock out. Suck it baby and hard.”
And that’s when my pussy gushed. He’d called me baby. I obeyed him, getting to my knees and release his erection. He was smooth and hard and fit in my mouth perfectly. I sucked the head, tasting the precum there; licking him then took his whole cock in my mouth. His hands had my hair and he aided me in fucking his cock with my mouth. Then he stopped me.
“Not yet baby, not sure where I’m going to cum, need to fuck you in every orifice first. Need some pussy to taste too, you look delicious come here.”
I went to him and he pulled my lace underwear down to reveal my hairless pussy. He stuck two fingers into me and it felt divine. When he took them out he held them to my mouth, “Mm you taste first then me,” he said standing and putting his fingers in my mouth.
“You taste good baby, now me.” He put his fingers in his mouth. I became weak kneed. “Awe fuck baby get on the bed, I need to eat you. I need to make you cum; see how many times I can do that.”
He spread my legs so wide, my pussy was open for him and he delved into me. He had my clit in his teeth and his tongue deep in my pussy. I came, letting the tears, run down my cheeks. He turned me over and smacked my ass several times. My pussy continued to gush then I heard the tube of lubricant. He was over me put me to my hands and knees and eased his cock in my ass.
“Baby, relax, my cock will slide in, lots of jell okay."
His cock came into me, oh God; my ass was on fire and then my pussy. He pushed deeper, my ass accepting him and then he fucked me. My hands went to an already aroused clit as he fucked my ass and his moans of pleasure undid me. I screamed my release and he yelled as he came filling my ass with his cum.
He held me tight. “You’re mine baby. I want you with me.”
I nodded as he held me this was what I wanted and what the needed.
I laughed, “But Sir, you never used that flogger or satin ribbons,” I said teasingly.
“Bad girl, I’m not going anywhere, in fact I think I’m going to be in your life for a very long time.”
I smiled, he was so very right. We had a lot to explore together and I knew he was a man I could love, let alone submit my entire being to. I had found what I needed. I belonged to him.


  1. *Growls* This is such a hot and sexy snippet. I'm growling( it's my sexy growl ) because this is a scene I've played out in my head many, many times...it's as though you read my mind. Oh Suzzana, you have a way with words.