Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Blog Hop win a prize and an ARC for one for My New Release

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For the Love of Jake
By Suzzana C Ryan                                                
Publisher: Rebel Ink Press
Genre/length: Contemporary erotic romance/ Short story
April 2012 release
Nice guys finish last, right? That’s Jake’s  M. O. Until one woman and one incredible afternoon give both people the courage to change their lives.   

Monday, April 2, 2012

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Happy Birthday Carrie Ann Ryan
Do you think you want a Vampire for your Birthday....

Beautiful fairy Tawny Mac Namara is turning thirty. Her werewolf boyfriend has walked out on her leaving her alone and despondent and ready to swallow enough pain killers to put down an elephant. It seems to be the story of the beautiful fairy’s life--one ill fainted romance after another.
Elliot is a gorgeous and quite promiscuous vampire who belongs to an elite species that battle evil. And Elliot has a special talent as well, he's a master at giving his prey multiple orgasms. Somehow Tawny’s despondent email shows up in Elliot‘s inbox and Elliot knows he must go to her and stop her from her foolishness. He's pleased when he sees the beautiful young woman and finds out Tawny is a fairy. No vampire can resist the love of such a woman. And Tawny finds that even though Elliot sees her flaw, he's still willing to fall in love with her.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Body MY Soul...

"Then you'll belong to me forever and you’ll drink from me. You'll give me your soul and ours will be a bond of love, not so much of master and slave. You must know that once our blood bond is complete, I’ll own you and you can’t look back, ever. If you try to leave or escape, I’ll kill you because I can’t allow another to have you ever. Honey, do you understand?" I looked into his steely grey eyes and saw his love.