Monday, December 16, 2013

With her Comes the Night

Small excerpt

He watched her eyes turn a color deeper than blood and he could see the impression of her fangs pressing against her upper lip waiting to descend. Her hand came to her mouth trying to cover what she knew he was seeing. Her eyes met his, as he saw her struggle. He understood she couldn’t control their descent any longer.
“It’s at moments like this that I despise what I am. If you went running from me now, I couldn’t blame you. But I swear I’ll never hurt you.”
He touched her face, she was still beautiful and he believed nothing could sway his feelings for her.
“Do you see me running? No babe, not me, you saved my life and now it’s time for payback baby. I’ve never wanted any woman as I want you.”
He bent his head to hers and touched her lips kissing her letting his tongue find what he knew she feared. He didn’t move her from him as he let his tongue trace the small eye teeth which were now sharp and larger than before.
God damn it she had fangs, shit, and they seemed sharp. He slowly broke away from her and she immediately turned her face from him. He needed to see what she had told him, what she was so afraid to show him. So he took his large hand and put it under her chin lifting her face up to his and her crimson eyes, with their large black pupils now stared at him. She had pools of tears in them, breaking his heart. He saw her lush lips just barely covering her eye teeth which now were small sharp fangs and he couldn’t explain the rush of desire which washed over him.
 Christ, she was a vampire. In his fifteen years on the NYPD he’d thought he’d seen it all including sights which may not have been meant for the human eye to see. He felt like the guy who had been abducted by aliens and sexually assaulted, no one believed him, except others who’d had the same experience. This was no doubt real, she was real, and he didn’t give a fuck what she was, he wanted her now more than ever.  

With her comes the Night
Rath Williams is a New York City Police Department Detective, one of New York’s finest warriors. His job is his life and unfortunately it’s left him little else. One night, he comes face to face with mortality, but he beats death.
Out of the dark, out of the night, a beautiful stranger appears saving the fallen police officer’s life. A brutal attack left him and his partner for dead. If not for her, he would have died, should have died.
Melinda Taylor is a vampire. Her bite and exchange of blood saved the handsome police officer. In the process, she fell in love with him, but never figured on acting on her emotions.
Being the warrior always, once back on the job he sets out to find what had killed his partner and nearly took his life. He’d been searching for five years when he she walks out of the shadows and into his life, changing it forever. He never figured on love. He’ll learn that what he thought of as reality wasn’t even close to the truth. 

This is my personal favorite...........this can be a series..........

With her comes the centered around a female vampire. She's not some horrible monster but a very old species. Her kind and others like her walk amont us every day, some humans can detect there is something different about them and others haven't a clue. We don't smell them, especially the shape shifters, their scents are strong and they've learned to cover them over well.

Sometimes we have trouble waking in the morning, some of us blackout from drinking too much and some sleep walk?I could go on and on telling you the moments we lose or do we?

Enter a world......and it's just the tip of the iceberg......they're out there among us and With her comes the Night introduces you to another world. One that was thought of as lost and forgotten.

Thank you...........

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