Tuesday, October 1, 2013

An Interview with Mark Davis...my favorite erotic poet

Since embarking on this journey...the one of an erotic romance writer I have met so many wonderful and exciting people. On of my favorites is Mark Davis a talented writer and poet. His poetry as so many of you know can curl your toes, trigger erotic thoughts and make you bite your lip. He's a good friend and was sweet enough to talk to my very annoying and over sexed interviewer Cherry Splendor. Enjoy our little romp and his poem written just for US (me and Cherry).

Interview with Mark Davis Author...and Poet

Interviewer Miss. Cherry Splendor (my altered ego)

Cherry: Mr. Davis, mmm first off may I call you Mark?

Mark: You certainly may Cherry

Cherry: When did you first start writing?

Mark: I Have been writing poems since my teens. the stories only the last 3 or 4 years. But only this year for publication.

Cherry: Have you always embraced the erotic side of poetry.

Mark: Not really. The erotic stories though definitely bought out that side of my poems

Cherry: Where did you get that blue tie, it is so sexy?

Mark: Why thank you Cherry. It has other uses as well.

Cherry Splendor: I can only guess, sighs, but  I see you have a story in the anthology Darkest Desires with Hot Ink Press. Mmm, is it hot?

Mark Davis: It is. A little bit of everything in there. It was my first to be published and some good authors in it as well.

Cherry Splendor: How long does it take you to write a poem? And your stories, take you very long?

Mark: The poems come to me in a flash most time and i just have to sit and write them straight away. The stories happen in my head as i write them. Its all the other things like editing after you have written them that take time.

Cherry: I like a man who thinks like you? Busy later.

Suzzana: Cherry, I had an idea you would hit on Mr. Davis. Sorry, she's a slut. Hits on all the male guests.

Mark Davis: Excuse my blushing. Not often i get hit on by someone as sexy as Cherry.

Cherry: You always spoil my fun, Suzzana.

Suzzanan: You need to ignore her. I am very sorry she's so forward.

Suzzana: You do know that you are one of my favorites erotic poets. Anything new you are working on?

Mark: As i said before they just come to me and i write them straight away. I wrote this one while waiting for you two gorgeous ladies to arrive.

A vision in red enshrouded me
as i lay there on my bed
what drew her to possess me?
to live inside my head?

At first i didn't really know
she was hiding there in me
and it wasn't till i closed my eyes
that i began to see

The soft arms embraced me
then her lips locked me in a kiss
Her long legs wrapped around me
i had never dreamed like this

As she worked her magic
I heard her whispering my name
"Give your body to me
and you will never be the same."

As we came i felt her drain me
then the bed began to shake
I tried to hold on to her
but realized I was awake

I looked over at the window
open now, a breeze blows through
and i smile as i realize
She looked a lot like you

Suzzana: Thank you, Mr. Davis I am sure there are plenty of readers waiting to hear from you. It such a great pleasure to have you....purrr...and thank you for the poem.


  1. Great Interview, love the poem!!

  2. Enjoyed the interview & loved the poem! Thanks for sharing.