Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Love's Eternal Fire.........

Love’s Eternal Fires

The Coast of Ireland 872 A.D.

Tomas was a Viking. An accomplished warrior, a seasoned sailor and the son of Sjurd head of one of the largest clans in his home of Norway. He’d many fine talents, most women could attest to them in bed.  He’d left Norway on a long ship heading for the coast of a rich lush country called Ireland.

Shauna heard from others along the coast about the invasions. Men, some said as tall as trees, came in long boats, killing, raping and taking land that didn’t belong to them. Shauna cringed; her beloved home was the next kingdom along the coast that was in danger of attack by these marauders.

A beautiful, green-eyed black haired beauty Shauna vowed to protect her home, only to fall prey to Tomas’s handsome face and warrior body. At first he treats Shauna with indifference, ignoring her beauty and punishing her for her disobedience. He keeps her a prisoner in his bed his need for her insatiable. And still she refuses to surrender herself to him completely, fighting him at every turn.

Tomas fights his need and his desire for Shauna but succumbs to it every night. He burns for her, craves her, as no woman before her. He surrenders to her will, falling deeply in love. Shauna’s love for him flourishes and burns deep, promising him a love that is eternal, and born of fire.  It will be a fire that will consume them both, and erupt into a deep and eternal love.

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