Friday, May 10, 2013

Playing with the Enemy........another free read

Josie never played fair. Her girlfriends despised her and yet always wanted to be around her. Josie was like a magnet, men were drawn to her. And Josie liked men. She'd take any one's man, she looked at it as  if he's out there looking and he's hot, why not. Josie was a bad girl. She never knew when to stop. She never knew when enough was enough.

JP Adams was a NYC police officer who grew up in the projects in the South Bronx. He'd seen it all including his father gunned down and killed as he took a stray bullet from a gang drive by. JP was fourteen when he lost his father. On that day he's sworn vengeance. But his father brought him up right, JP never joined a gang or did anything wrong in the eyes of the law. He joined the force when he was twenty two after completing four years of college. He owed his father and now as a cop he was giving back.

JP was on his way home when he saw her coming toward him. Tall, slender, ebony hair, pale skinned and slightly bronzed. He figured her heritage was probably Spanish. He was mixed, his father was Afro-American and his mother Columbian. His mother was still alive and when he became a cop he moved her from the Bronx to the suburbs on Long Island where he felt she was safer.

The dark haired beauty smiled as she approached him and that's when he noticed the jacket she wore was gang issue and she wore colors. Pissed him off to no end, did the girl ever look in the mirror, see her potential to be more than a gang member?

Josie saw the hot delicious looking guy approach her. His skin was light chocolate, just the way she liked them, and he was no doubt buffed beneath the football jersey he wore. He was on his phone and when her eyes met his, he smiled and it was a devastatingly sexy smile. He was hot. He winked and then ran his tongue across his lips. Bad boy she thought, wouldn't he love to get his tongue on her pussy which was smooth, not a hair and dark rose colored. She'd been told by many who'd gotten a taste, best pussy and best ass. Yes, she loved a cock up her ass and only allowed the ones who knew how to fuck a girl that way. It required the best pussy licking, getting her off once, then she'd allow his cock in her tight bum. She'd come again, once her clit was swollen and ready. The effect was decadent and the orgasm mind blowing. Yes, she was a slut, but for only those in her gang that mattered. She passed him. Oh, yes she felt his eyes on her.

"Excuse me, sweets got a minute."

Didn’t take him long she thought. "You talking to me?" she said turning around and letting her full breasts bounce giving him a feast for his eyes.
"Yes, I am. That jacket, gang issue. What the fuck is a pretty girl like you doing wearing one?"

"What do you think? What are you a cop?" Now he pissed her off.

"If I was?"

"Fuck you then. Thought you were hot, now you bore me."
She succeeded in pissing him off. Damn, she was something, and it had been a while since any woman attracted him. This girl was sending all his blood right to his cock and just wanted to try a small piece of what she had to offer.

"Wait, wait, okay sorry. My names JP. When I see a girl as pretty as you I see such potential baby and those gang colors indicate to me how much you're used. Ever been loved by a real man?"

"Oh, I supposed that's you."

"Nothing better. But that's not the issue it's those colors."

He watched her saunter up to him. Got right in his face. She wasn't as tall as he thought maybe five foot three, but every last inch of her was packed solid and her nearness made his mouth water.

"It seems officer you want some candy. And I am candy."

He just stared her down. They were in the middle of a busy city street yet he sawing no one but her. And his cock, damn he was fighting to keep that baby down. 

Josie had no idea what hit her, but she wanted him. Her belly churned, her pussy was wet and now she fell that urge deep down inside. What would it be like to fuck him, oh yes to touch him too. She was going into enemy territory, she could be punished for this, yet better shot. She'd proposition him, what then he'd arrest her? She was betting he'd take her up on her offer.

"Do you want some JP? You won't be sorry and I won't tell." She handed him a small piece of paper with her name and cell phone number. "Meet you tonight when and where you want. Never did a cop before but there's a first time for everything."

She smiled as she watched him take it and fold it and put it in his pocket. He smiled at her again and ping pang she felt it. Damn if her pussy didn't moisten up a bit more. 

"Thank you Josie. I'll call. Tonight." He turned, crossed the street and disappeared from sight.

She stood there and wanted scratch her head. What had just happened? Was she really going to meet him? She was, oh she was, and she had a feeling having his cock up her pussy was going to be one fuck she wouldn't forget.


  1. I loved it but I need to read more. I would be a great short story or novella.

  2. Oh wow, I am fascinated by this story...yummy. Once upon a time, I knew a woman like Josie. I'll be stopping by to find out if JP eventually gets his taste of Josie's sweetness.